Do you have a VHF radio on your boat? Then pay attention!

Some of you may be wondering what VDES actually is. Translated, this means “VHF Data Exchange System”. Like the well-known AIS, the system is used to provide bandwidth for digital exchange on the water. This system is mainly used by the military or research institutions, for example.

However, the changes from 01.01.2024 will also affect many amateur skippers, as it has been decided that some of the radio channels (simplex and duplex) may no longer be used from the beginning of this year. In future, these can only be used for the VDES system.

The following channels are affected by this:

24 to 28 + 84 to 86 and the 96

Radioing without the appropriate license is a criminal offence and will be severely punished accordingly.

Both marine radio and inland operation are affected.

Many manufacturers offer corresponding updates for the radios. Please contact the relevant provider for more information.

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