This is what we offer you: A 7-day trial version in which you can already use a large part of the range of functions, e.g. planning routes up to 40 km, recording short routes with the log and retrieving information about locks, marinas and clearance heights.

After the 7 days have expired, you can optionally purchase Premium or continue to use NavShip in viewer mode (without route planning). The best thing: We do not require you to register. The entire range can be used – even in the free trial version – without entering personal data. In order to be even more data-efficient, we have already completely removed external advertising in the iOS version, for example. You will only see the internal NavShip advertising. This not only saves mobile data when you are on the go, but also makes the app a little slimmer (download size is 2 MB reduced), easier to use and saves another consent dialog when starting.

Now that we can focus more on premium features, NavShip will be even faster and better.

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