In the past few weeks we have again revised some of the waterways. In particular, many bridges in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Poland have been corrected and new bodies of water recorded there. In the last four weeks we have re-recorded 5,680 kilometers and corrected over 21,000 kilometers.

For iOS we had tried a new system integration; A GPS setting was used for the programming language used, but this does not lead to the desired results, although it is explicitly tailored for use in boats – on the part of Apple. We will therefore be back to the old integration from July 27, 2023 (version 1.40.7), so all previous versions should be updated to the latest version.

An error when loading recordings (GPX error, file could not be loaded) has been eliminated, so recordings that have already been saved can now be loaded again without any problems.

In general, the latest update should bring more stability with it. We’ve also enhanced our error reporting system; if you have problems with the app, please always select “Report bug” via the side menu in the app and enter a small report about what exactly doesn’t fit. We look at all reports on weekdays within 48 hours and reply to you.

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