Get NavShip Premium now with the code blackweek for €19.99 instead of €29.99 (including VAT).

It’s that easy: During Black Week between November 20th, 2023 and November 27th, 2023 inclusive, enter the code blackweek in the NavShip coupon portal under “Advantage code” or use the button below. In addition, we add 4 weeks free of charge when you purchase a voucher via our voucher portal!

You can also use the code in the web version at as a direct purchase. To do this, log in and tap your profile picture in the top right, then tap Premium and then “Direct Purchase”. Then enter the code blackweek under “Advantage code”.

The code can also be redeemed on Android by tapping “Premium” in the side menu and then clicking “Do you have a discount code?” blackweek entered. Unfortunately, this code is not valid for iOS as Apple’s terms of use do not specify this.

With a voucher or direct purchase you can use the full premium functions in both the NavShip and the boatrouting app as well as the online platform

The voucher conditions apply at Pay attention to upper and lower case letters.

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